Vibram One Quarter Slipon Hemp Womens - Grey
Vibram One Quarter Slipon Hemp Womens - Grey
Vibram One Quarter Slipon Hemp Womens - Grey
Vibram One Quarter Slipon Hemp Womens - Grey
Vibram One Quarter Slipon Hemp Womens - Grey
Vibram One Quarter Slipon Hemp Womens - Grey

Vibram One Quarter Slipon Hemp Womens - Grey

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Men's One Quarter Size Guide
EU US Your Foot
Size Size Size (cm)
40 8-8.5 24.8
41 8.5-9 25.4
42 9.9.5 26.0
43 9.5-10 26.7
44 10.5-11 27.3
45 11-11.5 28
46 11.5-12 28.6
47 12-12.5 29.2
Women's One Quarter Size Guide
EU US Your Foot
Size Size Size (cm)
36 6.5-7 21.3
37 7-7.5 22.5
38 7.5-8 23.2
39 8-8.5 23.8
40 8.5-9 24.4
41 9-9.5 25.1
42 9.5-10 25.7

Like snowflakes, every foot is different. We recommend sizing according to this One Quarter size guide. While every effort has been taken to be accurate we cannot guarantee that the sizing we suggest is going to work with every foot shape. All toes and all feet have unique characteristics. We are here to assist you in finding the best size if you're not sure.


Simply go by your Standard EU or US Shoe size, to be sure use your foot length in CM to be as precise as possible. The One Quarter Mac is soft and flexible with very little structure.


It’s a matter of personal comfort! These minimalist shoes should fit casually, Slight touching of the longest toe to the front of the material is okay but they should not feel tight or restrictive. The fit of these shoes is personal preference, but we recommend starting with one’s standard size.

Womens EU Size
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Comfort & performance at ¼ of volume, Vibram presents the new Vibram ¼ (Vibram One Quarter). With its special three-dimensional origami design and the unique technology of its sole (Vibram LiteBase), Vibram ¼ is a light, comfortable and compact shoe, easy to carry around and perfect for travelling.

  • PORTABLE: The sole is based on a special three-dimensional origami design making it a compact and stable geometric structure that folds and unfolds with ease.
  • NATURAL COMFORT: Even if foldable, it maintains the comfortable fitting of a regular shoe. Moreover, the bamboo material used in the insole increases the comfort in warmer climates.
  • MINIMALISM & LIGHTNESS: Sole powered by Vibram LITEBASE Technology with Gumlite, Vibram blown compound. introducing Vibram LITEBASE Tech - This new technology reduces base thickness up to 50% from an identical sole design and allows the overall weight to be reduced up to 30%.
One Quarter Moc Composition:
  • Sole: Vibram Rubber Gumlite with Vibram LITEBASE technology
  • Upper: Hemp

As at 1st February 2023: We are currently expecting minimal order processing delays of one to two additional days due to out of the ordinary weather events around the country. While most orders are being delivered on time and quickly there are still the odd few that take a bit longer.

Orders for the moment, are being processed and shipped within one to four working days of being received. Our expected order delivery schedule is...

  • NSW   2-5 business days from ordering
  • VIC     3-6 business days from ordering
  • QLD   3-6 business days from ordering
  • SA      4-7 business days from ordering
  • WA     5-9 business days from ordering
  • NT     7-12 business days from ordering
  • NZ    12-18 business days from ordering

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Comments about Women's Furoshiki

Hands down one of the most - if not *the* most - comfortable shoes I own that also happen to look amazing! There's no pressure on my bunions, and my feet feel great after being on them for hours. Sizing is on point. No need to go up or down a size.

Dallas, Texas

Comments about Men's Furoshiki

I never thought a lightweight show is what I have been missing. I bought these because they didn't have my size in the five fingers and I'm so glad I did. It's flexible yet durable! I definitely recommend if you have been on the fence about them.


Comments about Men's Furoshiki

Absolutely love these shoes. I bought my wife a pair because she loves to go barefoot. They quickly became her favorite shoes, I decided to get myself a pair. They are extremely comfortable. I would say they are not good for cold weather as they offer no warmth but other than that they are great.

Chattanooga TN

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