Warranty Information

All of our brands combine premium quality materials with a highly skilled manufacturing process to produce the best products possible. Should any of our products develop a manufacturing or material fault within the first 6 months of use, we will work with you to either replace or repair the product free of charge or offer a refund.

This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage and is conditional upon care instructions being followed. In the first instance please make contact via e-mail to info@barefootinc.com.au letting us know whats gone wrong. If possible include a few photos of the problem so we can see the issue and provide a faster service.

It's important to note, this guarantee does not affect your statutory rights in any way.

What is “normal wear and tear?”

Normal wear and tear is defined as the wearing down of the sole or upper elements of a shoe, while only wearing it for its intended use. Let’s say you purchased one of our road shoes and you’re a triathlete who logs over 120km per week. While most of our road models can get you as much as 800km or more during the life of the shoe, chances are, once you’ve hit that threshold, the shoes have undergone some substantial “wear and tear.” Even though they only be 6 months old.

What is “misuse or accidental damage?”

While all parts of a shoe will eventually wear out over time it’s important to note that the quality of athlete movement can have a dramatic effect on the natural life of a shoe.

For example, in a fitness / training environment, a Static foot locks on rope climbs will always result in a longer lasting shoe than repeatedly sliding down the rope in the locked position due to exhaustion. Missing box jumps will eventually result in damage to any shoe and your shins for that matter. The more refined and technically correct the movement is the longer the athlete’s gear and body will last.

As for “accidental damage,” just don’t let your dog eat your shoes for breakfast.
Putting shoes through a hot wash or leaving them on the back window of the car on a hot day WILL damage them.

Taking a fall while out trail running and hitting the side of the shoe with a sharp rock would also be considered accidental. In the same way that riding a bike over a piece of glass is not the tires fault.


“We’re all tempted to just stuff them in the bag until we use them next.” Cleaning the shoe regularly ensures that no small particles of dirt or grit are left inside the shoes upper fabric, which can cause the premature abrasion on your socks and lining of the shoe (not to mention your foot).

Remove the footbed, loosen the laces wash them down inside and out with water, a mild detergent and a soft bristled brush or rinse them in a stream if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, since we know you like that kind of thing.

If you’re home, you can also put them in the clothes washer on the cool wash / gentle cycle, and be sure to use a mild liquid detergent. As with anything else, always wash with like colours. Allow them to dry naturally with the footbed removed, DO NOT wash in hot water or force dry as this WILL damage the uppers and midsole as both would shrink, shoes and most clothing do not like heat.

Shoe rotation:

The life of a shoe can be prolonged by simply wearing multiple shoes in rotation. All shoes regardless of brand are not made to be worn every single day. The simple step of varying your daily shoe choice will allow each pair worn to naturally dry and recover.

Also varying the stack height of the shoes you wear is also beneficial in allowing you legs muscles and tendons to be given new and changeable sensory feedback just like our ancient hunter-gatherers moving through different terrains and conditions, variety is the spice of life.