Vibram V-Run Retro Womens - Black/Grey
Vibram V-Run Retro Womens - Black/Grey
Vibram V-Run Retro Womens - Black/Grey
Vibram V-Run Retro Womens - Black/Grey

Vibram V-Run Retro Womens - Black/Grey

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Womens FiveFingers Sizing Guide

Foot shapes and sizes vary from person to person. Each Vibram FiveFingers model gives you some fit adjustment, but may not fit every foot shape. To achieve the best fitting result, we recommend you follow the guidance below which is our most correct method to catch the right size.

Measure you feet in Centimetres, then using the guide above to find you EU size, we recommend measuring both feet from heel to toe and using the larger measurement to choose the fit.

Size Heel to Toe Size
36 21.9cm 6.5-7
37 22.5cm 7.7.5
38 23.2cm 7.5-8
39 23.8cm 8-8.5
40 24.4cm 8.5-9
41 25.1cm 9-9.5
42 25.7cm 9.5-10

Finding the right size:

Step 1: Stand with your heels against a wall

Step 2: Use a ruler to measure the distance from the wall to the tip of your longest toe.

If your foot length varies more than 4mm it will be difficult to get a precise fit between feet.
If you second toe is more than 4mm longer, it will be difficult to get a good fit in all toe pockets
Toe socks usually add 1mm of extra volume around the foot.

Ideally measure your feet at the end of the day or after physical activity, this is when they will be at their biggest.
Womens EU Size
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Inspired by the classic Bikila LS running shoe (circa 2014), the V-Run Retro adds new Vibram technology to a familiar, beloved minimalist platform. Lightweight, flexible and super comfortable, the V-Run Retro features a grippy 4mm XS Trek performance rubber outsole that provides protection and confidence in every step. A 2mm foam insole, polyester mesh sock-liner and a lightweight, minimal EVA arch pad and a lightly padded heel cup add to the shoe’s overall comfort.

The V-Run Retro provides runners and athletes who cross train with a comfortable, grippy, minimalist solution for all of their workout needs.

V-Run / V-Run Retro comparison: the V-Run Retro offers less cushioning through the sole and a wider, more relaxed upper when compared to the V-Run which has a snugger stretchy feel.


  • Weight: 131g per shoe (W38)
  • 6mm sole thickness (2mm + 4mm)
  • Vibram XS Trek rubber outsole
  • Speed lacing system built in

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        V-Trek Women's

        So my toe shoes finally came and although not the most attractive things to put my feet, I love them!! I wore them around the house first for awhile. Kept forgetting I had them on because l kept thinking I needed to go put shoes on before we went out!! I realized while out and about that my back doesn't hurt. Crazy but true!


        V-Alpha Women's

        I really needed good walking shoes... not just for tough terrain but just sidewalks. I'm really into the whole "barefoot" shoe thing now since learning about foot health and proper foot posture. I've already taken a 5 km walk in them and I love them!


        V-Train 2.0 Women's

        I use this shoe for lifting weights because I like the previous shoe (KSO) but they weren't specifically for training. These are sturdy and have enough bounce when I incorporate a quick HIIT session. I have a narrow foot and bought same as KSO. It was a bit snug at big toe but stretched perfectly over a few days.


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