Furoshiki Size Guide

Get wrapped up in the comfort of our Furoshiki shoes and boots. Everyone’s feet are unique, and Vibram Furoshiki may vary slightly by style. Use these sizing charts and fit tips as a guide to get the proper fit for your feet.

Men's Furoshiki Size Guide
EU US Your Foot
Size Size Size (cm)
40 7.5 25.5
41 8-8.5 26.5
42 9-9.5 27
43 10 27.5
44 10.5-11 28
45 11.5-12 29
46 12.5-13 30
47 13.5 30.5
Women's Furoshiki Size Guide
EU US Your Foot
Size Size Size (cm)
36 5-5.5 23.5
37 6-6.5 24
38 7-7.5 24.5
39 8 25
40 8.5 25.5
41 9-9.5 26.5
42 10-10.5 27

Like snowflakes, every foot is different. We recommend sizing according to our size guide. While every effort has been taken to be accurate we cannot guarantee that the sizing we suggest is going to work with every foot shape. All toes and all feet have unique characteristics. We are here to assist you in finding the best size if you're not sure.


Simply go by your Standard EU or US Shoe size. To be sure use the foot length measurement in cm as the most accurate option. This product is soft and flexible and width can be customised in terms of tightness with hook and loop tab closures. 


It’s a matter of personal comfort! These minimalist shoes should fit like a second skin, a bit closer to your foot than your traditional shoe.  Slight touching of the longest toe to the front of the material is okay but they should not feel tight or restrictive. The fit of these shoes is personal preference, but we recommend starting with one’s standard size.