Luck Sneaker - White
Luck Sneaker - White
Luck Sneaker - White
Luck Sneaker - White
Luck Sneaker - White

Luck Sneaker - White

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The Luck Sneaker is sized in the European EU system. The shoe length listed below is the length of the footbed inside the shoe in cm. The shoe length should be approx 1.0cm / 1.5cm longer than you foot to allow for a relaxed comfortable fit.

I.e. if your foot is 27cm long, we's suggest the 28.4cm (size 43) as being the right size.

EU Size Shoe Length
36 24.0cm
37 24.3cm
38 25.5cm
39 26.2cm
40 26.7cm
41 27.5cm
42 28.1cm
43 28.4cm
44 29.3cm
45 29.6cm
46 30.1cm
47 30.8cm
48 31.5cm
Womens EU
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The 'Luck Sneaker' is a departure from high end branded footwear to deliver an entry level, multi function natural / barefoot style shoe that delivers amazing fit, comfort AND value for money while still ticking ALL the boxes..

  • zero drop ( = natural posture and level pelvis)
  • foot shaped toe box
  • wide fit, (approx 2EE)
  • flexible 5mm outsole
  • comfy 4mm removable insole
  • total sole thickness 9mm (approx)
  • seamless technical knit upper

The durable, lightweight, technical knit weave contours and flexes easily with the foot.

The classic 80s style sneaker design crosses over from street to active, casual to fitness and at under $100 🤩 we can't think of a better value first time barefoot shoe or trusty beater*

*beater - 

Noun. (daily) beater (plural beaters) (fashion slang, chiefly watch collecting) a trusty, hard wearing, simple design; an item that can be worn on many occasions.

As at 1st February 2023: We are currently expecting minimal order processing delays of one to two additional days due to out of the ordinary weather events around the country. While most orders are being delivered on time and quickly there are still the odd few that take a bit longer.

Orders for the moment, are being processed and shipped within one to four working days of being received. Our expected order delivery schedule is...

  • NSW   2-5 business days from ordering
  • VIC     3-6 business days from ordering
  • QLD   3-6 business days from ordering
  • SA      4-7 business days from ordering
  • WA     5-9 business days from ordering
  • NT     7-12 business days from ordering
  • NZ    12-18 business days from ordering

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