V-Run - Mens (Black/Yellow)
V-Run - Mens (Black/Yellow)
V-Run - Mens (Black/Yellow)

V-Run - Mens (Black/Yellow)

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The V-Run is Vibram's most engineered design. Why? because it's expected to balance the rigours of running on hard surfaces with the flexibility and sensitivity of a minimal shoe. The  outsole includes 4mm of shock absorbing EVA reinforced with 11 grippy, durable Vibram Mont rubber pads. Coupled with an additional 2mm EVA insole the V-Run are the perfect shoes to transition safely and comfortably to a natural, mid-foot running style.

    Foot shapes and sizes vary from person to person. Each Vibram FiveFingers model gives you some fit adjustment, but may not fit every foot shape. To achieve the best fitting result, we recommend you follow the guidance below which is our most correct method to catch the right size.

    Measure you feet in CM, then using the guide above to find you EU size, we recommend measuring both feet from heel to toe and using the larger measurement to choose the fit.

    EU CM US
    Size Heel to Toe Mens
    40 24.8 cm 8-8.5
    41 25.4 cm 8.5-9
    42 26.0 cm 9-9.5
    43 26.7 cm 9.5-10
    44 27.3 cm 10.5-11
    45 27.9 cm 11-11.5
    46 28.6 cm 11.5-12
    47 29.2 cm 12-12.5
    48 29.8 cm 12.5-13
    49 30.4 cm 13-13.5
    50 31.0 cm 13.5-14

    Finding the right size:

    Step 1: Stand with your heels against a wall

    Step 2: Use a ruler to measure the distance from the wall to the tip of your longest toe.
    • If your foot length varies more than 4mm it will be difficult to get a precise fit between feet.
    • If you second toe is more than 4mm longer, it will be difficult to get a good fit in all toe pockets
    • Toe socks usually add 1mm of extra volume around the foot.
    • Ideally measure your feet at the end of the day or after physical activity, this is when they will be at their biggest.

    As at 10th November: We are currently expecting order processing delays of three to four additional days due to the current Covid 19 Lockdowns.

    A combination of increased sales growing as we head into the Christmas season, a reduced daily warehouse team and a slowing of delivery services has effected our normal quick delivery speeds. 

    Orders for the moment, are being processed within four working days of being received. Our expected order delivery schedule is...

    • NSW   4-6 business days from ordering
    • VIC     5-7 business days from ordering
    • QLD   5-7 business days from ordering
    • SA      6-8 business days from ordering
    • WA     7-10 business days from ordering
    • NT     10-14 business days from ordering

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    Comments about V-Run Men's

    I have used previously Vibram for using in sailboat and they worked great, however I just started running with new Vibrams for running and, after 25+ years of running, it's the first time I've felt differently with new shoes... and it's great.

    Dr. Ed
    La Paz, BAJA

    Comments about V-Trail 2.0 Men's

    I got a pair that was made for trail running but I also use it for hiking, tree climbing, and work. I work at a grocery store and the floor is concrete so these shoes don't offer the best support and my feet hurt after I'm off but they aren't bad at all. Don't get them for work but get them for everything else. P.s. your toes might be hard to fit in but it'll get easier over time.

    Pacific Grove

    Comments about V-Alpha Men's

    The V-Alpha is a great every day shoe. They're very comfortable and light weight. The sole is just thick enough to not let the occasional rock or piece of gravel hurt the bottom of my foot as I am walking around during my work day.

    Gloucester, VA

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