Sick of having to stop and re-tie your laces mid run, while training, on the bike, middle of a Spartan Race? Worried about your children tripping up on their untied laces?? Worksites and untied laces = DANGER! No matter what your industry, work, sport or play, child or adult…
The new SafeLace lock has fixed this problem for everyone… for good!

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Safe Lace is a Melbourne based company and they are extremely excited about the product they have created! We now have the solution to a problem that until now just had to “put up with” well… not any more.

Our main aim is to keep as many people as we can safe from tripping and frustration, no matter what industry you are in, whether it’s exercise or competitions that you are into, a safe work environment in the industrial sector or your trying to keep your children as safe as possible….Safe Lace is for you!
Safe Lace has been designed to fix this problem for everyone, from your child running around the playground at school, the professional athlete who does not want to waste a second of time having to stop or anyone at all who wears laced shoes!!
Made from durable silicone that is tough enough to get the job done but soft enough so you won’t even know it’s there.
The product is extremely versatile and there is a colour range to suit all shoes and requirements, whether you want them to stand out and make a statement or blend in and just get the job done.



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