Lumen 115C Clip



The just released Lumen 115C Clip light for everyday needs. Pocket-sized light, simple to use and can be carried in many ways. Attach to the waist band of your favourite running shorts, tights or on your running pack, other the chest strap or on the back for lighting in all directions! Powerful magnetic closure system makes the possibilities endless on where you can wear the clip. You can even use it as a night light to read your favourite novel.

  • Strong magnetic gripping system secures it in place
  • Built-in flood cone for even lighting and a wide angled view
  • Adjusts down or horizontally for multiple light positions
  • Power with universal single AA battery (not included)
  • Burn time high – 14hrs
  • Water resistance – IPX6


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There are numerous advantages of a waist-mounted light. A few key things are that light shines lower on the trail or road ahead- casting shadows over the rocks or other obstacles providing a greater depth of field from the wearer’s view.

Better detail and clarity means quicker reaction time, and increased speed with confidence while moving in the dark or low-light conditions. By removing the light source from your head, you also avoid the effect of “tunnel vision” or the tunnel effect experience where the light falls off rapidly from the side views.

The Lumen 115C light has a focused center with wide-angle peripheral light for a natural running experience. The silicone gripping rings on the Lumen 115C allows for 180° directional rotation with a range of motion adjusting 90° up and 90° down and anywhere in between. Easy to adjust and stays put at the angle you set.


This is not your average waist belt with a basic straight line that goes around the waist. UltrAspire’s belt design maintains a unique conical shape which curves and forms properly and comfortably around your waist, hips or chest


With 115 lumens blazing the terrain ahead, the Lumen 115C uses a Super Bright LED with aluminum reflector. Utilizing a simple push-button control, the light can operate in 4 modes. Push button once for “On” which is also the High setting. Press again sequentially for Medium, Low, S.O.S., and “Off”. Button pressed after 4 seconds will go straight to “Off”. The aircraft-grade aluminum housing is water, dust, and impact resistant. Tempered glass lens for clarity.

NOTE: When the Lumen 115 is left on “High” the light’s output may appear to decrease (after 1 hr of burn time). This is a design function that helps conserve power and reduce the heat and wear on the battery. To return the light to a brighter strength, simply turn the light “Off” then back “On”.


The Lumen 115C requires One AA batteries (not included). Rechargeable AAA batteries may be used, however do not mix old and new batteries and/or battery types. Remove batteries from the device when it will not be used for long periods of time.


Limited three-year warranty on the light for repair or replacement. Warranty registration information can be found at: This device is not intended to be used in temperatures lower than -20° Celsius. Please take precautions with the device–We do not warranty for matters due to negligence.


  • IPX6 Water resistance rating (general to heavy rain / snow use but not designed for use submerged in water)
  • Burn time high – 14hrs
  • Reflectivity for safe night time running.
  • Available colours: Black/Grey with reflective branding.
  • Weight (includes battery): 45gm
  • Fits the over the waist band of shorts, tights and on the chest strap of you running pack.


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