Terra Ninja – Mens (Charcoal/Rust)

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The Terra Ninja from Zem is purpose built for outdoor / water use to offer maximum ground feel and comfort in a modern interpretation of the Japanese Tabi boot.

Features Include;

  • High traction, non-slip outsole for active training in many environments on land or in and around water.
  • Ergonomically shipped split toe guard for protection and near barefoot agility
  • Tech heel counter cradles & shields the foot in rugged terrain
  • Patented high-frequency welded reflective tech bands for comfort and support.
  • Soft breathable upper with four way stretch to easy on and all day comfort.
  • Delivering near barefoot flexibility and agility with a greater level of protect for outdoor use.
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The Terra Ninja is ZEMgear’s outdoor sports / trail series. The ergonomically molded, separated protective toe guards promote barefoot agility and shield all toes from the perils of a more rugged environment. A distinctive barefoot last accommodates the sensitivities and fit of natural feet. The tech-counter of the Terra cradles the heel and guards against the impact of equipment and terrain in many training settings. ZEMs award-winning, patented & reflective tech-bands are welded into the upper material to provide strong lateral stability and enhance nighttime safety.Enjoy the barefoot feel of the Green Grip outsole and count on its traction where it’s needed. Barefoot Performance with the Protection you deserve!

  • Ideal for rugged barefoot training and trail activities, outdoor or indoor gyms
  • A great option for many water sports including Kite Boarding, Surfing, S.U.P. and Rock fishing.
  • Unobstructed sensory feed back during all activities. Maximal foot freedom
  • Strengthens the natural arch and re-conditions feet
  • Proprioception improves balance and heightens awareness
  • Barefoot activities and exercise can help manage and mitigate stress and body fatigue

Why is foot freedom important?
Our bodies are designed to naturally absorb shock from movements like walking, running or jumping. Our feet have an instant feedback system and send messages to the body to minimise shock. When we constrain our feet by wearing traditional shoes or sneakers, this feedback system becomes distorted and muffled. It becomes more challenging for our body to react instinctively to mitigate shock. True stability and balance stems from the body’s natural ability to react and move freely.

Proprioception is key: Think of the transmission of sensory feed-back as the “information highway” between the nerve endings in a foot and the brain. When engaging in barefoot activities you allow your brain to receive data faster. It’s not muffled and diluted by the cushion effect of shoes. Feeling the ground more directly enables the brain to receive “pure” data, faster. Professional fall studies clearly substantiate that improved proprioception helps prevent fall injuries and increases balance and core strength.


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