All-Train 215 Womens (Black/Grey)

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“Where the all new 215’s shine the most is in the name: All-Train. These aren’t shoes designed just for lifting, they’re for everything in the fitness world. If you want to go on a run, then hit the gym for some lifting, and maybe even go on a swim – the All Train 215’s are the shoe for you. For me, they’re one of the most complete WOD shoes available. They have just enough cushioning to keep my feet comfortable for runs I’m doing in WODs, but I wouldn’t be afraid to wear them for up to a few miles” … Joel from


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This women’s training shoe provide superior comfort, stability, power and lateral support for your longest, fastest workouts. The ALL TRAIN 215 is responsive and flexible and moves with you naturally, supporting your feet during high impact agility, strength and speed workouts. Designed for high intensity workouts, HIIT, F45, Circuit training, strength training, endurance strength workouts, boxing workouts, speed workouts, bootcamp classes, plyometric training, agility training.

“I’m a ‘Swiss army knife, all-in-one training type shoe guy’ and these are the holy grail.” – RizzKnows –

Features include:

  • Highly durable synthetic upper including TPU overlays for extra protection on high wear zones.
  • Padded elasticated tongue and collar for added comfort.
  • Breathable mesh lining to prevent overheating
  • New ADAPTERFIT Met-cradle adapts to the natural movement and swells with the foot when in motion during fast, hard lateral and medial movement. The elastic mesh liner hugs your foot like a glove for comfort and more support.
  • Medium (M) fit, A middle of the road fit (not too wide, not too narrow) ensuring the shoe allows a natural foot splay with under weight or for those with wide feet. Compared to other shoe brands this would be similar to a “D” that most Nike or Adidas shoes would be.
  • Sole Compound: Sticky rubber outsole in key areas, delivers ultimate grip at the forefoot for secure foot placement on quick movements and turns.
  • Rubber outsole: The outsole’s geometric design is built with triangular claw-cleat shapes in multi-directional placement for traction on any movement in every direction.
  • Special note, this shoe does not have rope protection built in and is not designed for rope climbing.


  • Weight: 215gm (Average)
  • Cushion: Heel 20mm / 12mm Forefoot (EVA cushioning only)
  • Drop: 8mm
  • Midsole: Injected EVA
  • Footbed: 6mm
  • Cleat Depth: 3mm


For Women's (M) MEDIUM FIT Styles - The CM sizing is the length of the innersole.
cm 23cm 23.5cm 24cm 24.5cm 25cm 25.5cm 26cm 26.5cm 27cm 27.5cm 28cm 28.5cm
UK 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5
EU 35.5 36 37 37.5 38 38.5 39.5 40 40.5 41.5 42 42.5
US-W n/a 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11


We're passionate about the technology behind our products and want to ensure you get the most out every mile you run or minute you train. Here's a breakdown of how this product is put together.


Years before anyone else, inov-8 pioneered the ‘Arrow System’, reducing differential from heel-to-toe, helping athletes improve their own performance.   Inov-8 products start at 3 Arrows. You can start wherever you like. 3 Arrows gives the biggest heel-to-toe drop in the inov-8 range, about half of that found in overly cushioned, structured shoes. As you drop arrows you tend to drop weight and cushioning, you tend to gain proprioception and speed. Reach Zero for a pure performance shoe – lightweight, stripped-back and fast. Dominate-the-race kind of fast.   Athletes not yet conditioned for natural running choose 3 Arrows. The same goes for those wanting a shoe for long endurance sessions, although we do tailor our products to each terrain. If you’re introducing stripped back shoes into shorter sessions choose 2 or 1 Arrows to ease your progress.



Precision fit offers an all-round precise fit, ensuring minimal internal movement when running naturally on any terrain. Suits those with a narrower forefoot.




  235-SOLE-META   FASCIA BAND™ Mimics the ‘Windlass Effect’ delivering a kick of energy with each step, helping the athlete to run faster and more efficiently.
235-SOLE-METAFLEX   META-FLEX™           The Meta-Flex is a groove in the forefoot that provides a natural flex point in the shoe, allowing the forefoot to function naturally with each step in unison with the shoe.
  235-ROPETEC-125X320   ROPETEC™              By strengthening the EVA midsole with larger textured rubber caps where the foot hooks the rope, we create a lightweight, rope-proof design with heightened grip and durability.


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