Earth Runners Performance Laces
Earth Runners Performance Laces

Earth Runners Performance Laces

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Grounded Conductive Laces™

  • Featuring two parallel stitches of conductive stainless steel thread up the entire length of the lace and secured to the bottom of the sandal with a copper plug to keep you grounded.
  • The foot's contact with the stainless steel thread on the bottom of the lace allows for efficient electron flow between the skin and the earth via the conductive thread - copper plug circuit.
  • Special Note: Our sandal laces are for older sandals made before November 2022 and have a smaller earthing plug than the more recent variant that has a larger plug. As such the laces we have in stock do not fit newer models.

Lifestyle Laces -vs- Performance Laces

  • Performance Laces offer more security and longevity while Lifestyle Laces offer more comfort.
  • Performance Laces feature a 1/2" hydrophobic polyester webbing that is wrapped in a highly abrasion resistant Mil-Spec nylon resulting a in 9/16" wide lace.
  • Lifestyle Laces feature a 5/8" wide nylon and lined with a thin strip of highly abrasion resistant Mil-Spec nylon.
  • Our Grey Lifestyle Laces are 1/2" wide which is best suited for small feet.

As at 1st February 2023: We are currently expecting minimal order processing delays of one to two additional days due to out of the ordinary weather events around the country. While most orders are being delivered on time and quickly there are still the odd few that take a bit longer.

Orders for the moment, are being processed and shipped within one to four working days of being received. Our expected order delivery schedule is...

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  • NT     7-12 business days from ordering
  • NZ    12-18 business days from ordering

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