Alpha Adventure Sandal (Ranger)
Alpha Adventure Sandal (Ranger)

Alpha Adventure Sandal (Ranger)

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The Alpha Adventure sandal's 12mm Vibram sole allows you to walk or run with ease on any terrain, no matter how rugged or rocky. The unique strapping system ensures a secure, comfortable fit while keeping your feet free to move naturally.

Grounded Conductive Laces

  • Featuring two parallel stitches of conductive stainless steel thread up the entire length of the lace and secured to the bottom of the sandal with a copper plug to keep you grounded.
  • The foot's contact with the stainless steel thread on the bottom of the lace allows for efficient electron flow between the skin and the earth via the conductive thread - copper plug circuit. 

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SIZING, While the EarthRunner sandals are unisex they are listed as Mens USA sizing.

The chart below shows the Mens USA sizing in relation to women’s USA, UK, Euro and overall sandal length as a guide.

Mens 5 Womens 7 4 37 24.2cm
Mens 5.5 Womens 7.5 4.5 37.5 24.5cm
Mens 6 Womens 8 5 38 24.9cm
Mens 6.5 Womens 8.5 5.5 39 25.4cm
Mens 7 Womens 9 6 39 25.7cm
Mens 7.5 Womens 9.5 6.5 40 26.1cm
Mens 8 Womens 10 7 41 26.5cm
Mens 8.5 Womens 10.5 7.5 41 26.9cm
Mens 9 Womens 11 8 42 27.3cm
Mens 9.5 Womens 11.5 8.5 43 27.8cm
Mens 10 Womens 12 9 43 28.2cm
Mens 10.5 Womens 12.5 9.5 44 28.5cm
Mens 11 Womens 13 10 44.5 28.9cm
Mens 11.5 Womens 13.5 10.5 45 29.4cm
Mens 12 Womens 14 11 46 29.8cm
Mens 12.5 Womens 14.5 11.5 46 30.1cm
Mens 13 Womens 15 12 47 30.4cm

As at 07th January: We are currently expecting order processing delays of two to three additional days due to the current Covid 19 Lockdowns.

A combination of increased sales growing as we head into the new year sales season, a reduced daily warehouse team and a slowing of delivery services has effected our normal quick delivery speeds. 

Orders for the moment, are being processed within four working days of being received. Our expected order delivery schedule is...

  • NSW   3-4 business days from ordering
  • VIC     4-5 business days from ordering
  • QLD   4-5 business days from ordering
  • SA      5-6 business days from ordering
  • WA     6-9 business days from ordering
  • NT     9-12 business days from ordering

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Circadian Lifestyle Sandal

These sandals are awesome. It took a little time to adjust the laces to get them just right. But once I got them adjusted they are perfect! I have been wearing them every day and can honestly say that I notice less back pain now too. Thanks Earth Runners!

Amy D

Alpha Adventure Sandal

It took me a few days to find the best way to adjust the straps but after a few months they are so comfortable I go everywhere in these.I feel my feet strengthening when I walk in these. I'm very happy I found this company. More companies should incorporate the grounding aspect of these sandals.

Gabriel G

Circadian Lifestyle Sandal

Never have I worn a sandal so light and comfortable. They provide a firm grip, but allow you to feel the ground. In many way they are better than barefoot. They are beautiful in their simplicity and effective in their function. I do enjoy them.

John V

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