18650 Battery 3400mAh

18650 Battery 3400mAh

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Carry an extra replacement battery for your Lumen 600, Lumen 800, Lumen Oculus 650 lighted head / waist belts!  Perfect for multi-day treks or ultra races where you may not have access to a charger!

  • Single Li-Ion 18650 Rechargeable Battery Details:

    • Rating Voltage:  3.7V
    • Capacity:  4.2V-4.3V
    • Amp Hour Rating: 3400mAh
    • Charging Mode:  C.C/C.V.
    • Charging Method:  Standard Charging 0.2C
    • Charging Time:  Standard Charging 4-6 Hours
    • End of Discharge Voltage:  2.75V
    • Overcharge Voltage:  4.2V-4.3V/cell
    • Over Discharge Cut Off Voltage:  2.3V-4.5V/cell
    • Over Current:  2.5-5.0A
    • Operating Temperature:  Charging: 0~45℃, Discharging:-20~+60℃, Storage:-5~+35℃
    • Size:  Ø=18.1-18.3mm  H=65.8-66.2mm
    • Cycle LifeTime:  1000 cycles

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Lumen 600 V3

This light is lightweight, comfortable and bright!, I used this in a 12 hour night race and could keep the brightness as high as I wanted (because the batteries are cheap and easy to change). It lit the trail well and allowed me to run at my pace (did not need to slow down for visibility).

Mike Hefti

Zygos V4.0

This vest is AMAZING!! I’ve had many vests over the years but this one beats them all, hands down. I love the placement of pockets, materials used and the overall thought of design that will be long lasting and comfortable at the same time.

Matt Ozanic

Nucleus Vest

Love the design with easy front bottle and phone access. I am short with short arms and love that it’s just an easy grab upfront and super easy to put back in place. Love the magnetic pickers for key fob and nutrition. Such an innovative design and UltrAspire nailed it.


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