FAQ Inov-8


Q: Is there a recommended transition period for 3, 2, 1 and Zero arrow shoes?

A: We’re all different. Some athletes can adapt more quickly as they reduce their heel-to-toe differential. Some take longer. Some don’t want to go any flatter than a 9mm (3-arrow) differential. We recommend that you listen to your body, but on average, it takes about 3 months to safely stretch the Achilles and strengthen the muscles in your legs and feet. You can then stay where you are, or continue reducing the level of differential in your shoes. To learn more about our transition journey click here.

Q: How many different outsole rubbers do you use?

A: Inov-8 uses five types of outsoles, depending on the shoe’s intended use: Sticky, Endurance, Tri-C™, Dual C and Fusion. Sticky provides maximum performance; Endurance gives you increased durability; Tri-C™ is a mix of soft sticky, hard sticky and endurance; Fusion is a mix of synthetic rubber and EVA; Translucent is non-marking; and Dual is sticky with tungsten carbide cleats.

Q: What is your most durable outsole?

A: Endurance

Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: The design of our products is done in both the UK and US offices by our two design teams. Manufacturing is done in China.

Q: How does your sizing run? Is it true to size?

A: We like to say that our products run true to size. That said, we all have different feet and have worn different brands. We recommend you purchase our shoes through a reputable retailer that can fit you in-store, or an e-retailer that offers free returns/exchanges…just in case.

Q: What is the average lifespan of a shoe?

A: Depending on the surface, most of Running footwear will easily get you 600-800km. In some cases, we’ve seen athletes make it to 1,500 km (and then throw a party). Again, this will always vary depending on your use, the way you move, your body weight, the terrain.

Q: Do you have any vegan option products?

A: All of our shoes that do not include leather and/or suede are vegan and use vegan bonding agents.

Q: What is the average amount of time it takes to break-in a shoe?

A: Lucky for you, most of our shoes require no break-in time at all. Remove shoes from box, place on feet, go!

Q: I’m new to minimal shoes which model is best for me?

A: Transitioning to a more minimal shoe is the most important thing. Jumping right into a very minimal shoe (minimal cushioning and/or differential) could lead to injury. If you’ve been running or working out in highly cushioned footwear, your feet may have been weakened over time, and your Achilles tendons could be shortened due to a high differential (think in extremes, like a women’s high heeled shoe). Visit our transition page or visit a retailer who carries our transition booklet to read more.

Q: Do you offer shoes with motion control or stability?

A: We don’t believe your shoes should be in control of your feet. We believe that your feet should be in control of your shoes. All of our shoes are classified as neutral.

Q: Will orthotics work with minimalist footwear?

A: In general, yes, but we suggest you seek expert advice as this can be seen as a contradiction.

Q: How do I make a defective claim?

A: Per our policy, you will have to contact the retailer you originally purchased your shoes from to make a defective claim. Please return the product to your retailer for inspection with proof of purchase. If you can’t return the product – please e-mail the retailer’s customer service team with pictures of the damage.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about product?

A: Our e-mail address is info@barefootinc.com.au

Q: How do I become a sponsored athlete?

A: Contact our marketing department with career highlights and full CV outlining your experience with Inov8 footwear to date, please note we do not sponsor athletes that have never worn our shoes.
( info@barefootinc.com.au )

Q: How do I become an Australian Retailer?

A: Please e-mail info@barefootinc.com.au. We’ll then put you in touch with our sales representative who covers your region.