You are the technology

You don’t need the latest gadgets to be your best, but you do need to use your whole body actively and effectively. Barefootinc is a lifestyle brand created to help people reach their maximum potential for good health and a strong body – naturally. We believe in products that enhance training comfort and performance without compromising our natural movement. Our philosophy is simple: If we don’t use it, we don’t sell it.

Our online shop offer a range including minimalist footwear, socks, clothing, training equipment that we, and the athletes we sponsor, live, train, race and win in. If we don’t use it ourselves, we don’t sell it.

About FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers are a unique experience in footwear. Once you try them, you may choose never to wear any other pair of shoes again. We discovered them in July 2006 and have been running, training and living in them ever since. The premise is simple. It’s not about the shoe, it’s about you. The FiveFingers are designed to allow near perfect barefoot freedom and sensitivity. Re-connecting us with the earth and allowing our feet to feel every shift in terrain naturally promotes a shorter stride, a lighter step and better balance and posture. It also awakens a primal, child-like part of us that does not hesitate or falter. Just instinctive, decisive, joyful movement.

About UltrAspire

It has always been Ultraspire’s dream to build packs and hydration solutions for others that we would choose for ourselves without worrying about price, volume, or mass production. It is not Ultraspire’s goal to be all things to all people—just to provide extraordinary choices for extraordinary people. People, who know when something feels right and good.

The most intuitive ideas for such products emerge from the interface of both engaging in the activity, and the active involvement and interaction of other dedicated athletes, who are inspired by what they do and what they need to do it. Finally, testing by all, feedback, more feedback and an on-going evolution of perfection.

About The Worm

For years we used tennis balls, foam rollers and other sports massage roller products for relief & recovery. Most were poorly constructed and not portable or user friendly.  We knew we could come up with a product that was comfortable, versatile, easy to use and portable.  The Original Worm was born!
The perfect blend of therapy balls and a foam roller, the solid rubber ball construction will provide comfort & relief from neck to feet and pretty much everything in between. 
The Worm is so portable and will soon become your favourite travel companion.